Say Hello to Multi glide one solution to all of your hairiest problems.

We couldn't wait to share our new design: Multi glide-one solution to all of your hairiest problems.As long as everything goes smoothly, we plan to launch it on Kickstarter, 2nd September. The super early bird to embrace Multi glide will save 29% off the original price. Only 300 limited lucky birds!


Day after day, you are plucking and shaving. Then, all of the hair comes
back even sooner than you can enjoy a sharp mustache or a clean nose.
We get it. It happens to all of us at one time or another. The morning shave
can become a stress point, but it doesn't have to be. A loose strand, one that seems to pop out at just the wrong moment: these things are frustrating, but you do not need to accept them. There is a way for you to break through your struggle with your mustache and nose hair once and for all
Designed for effectiveness, safety, and ease of use, Multi-Glider works comfortably on your mustache and your nose hair. Place it directly onto the upper part of your mustache – the part that we all know is hardest to reach
– or inside your nose, and it takes care of the rest.
We have designed Multi-Glider so that you can use it with a double-edge
blade available on Amazon and other drugstores at only 10 cents per unit. Compare that to the $1-$5 you would be likely to spend on mainstream cartridges. This is the simple, inexpensive way to take care of your
mustache and your nose hair. Despite the affordability, it is also a high-quality double-edged blade, safe for removing ingrown hairs or shaving on irritated, burned skin. Long hairs or short, it works.
For most combination products, you are going to run into a serious
challenge switching from one function to the other. To use the razor after y
ou use the nose hair remover, you would need to snap something into
place or change out a part. Multi-Glider is different: all it takes is one click to switch from razor to nose hair remover, and the LED alert tells you when you have done so.
Your skin is important, and we understand that. Because we understand
that, we have programmed vibration mode into Multi-Glider, reducing the friction between the razor blade and your face. Shaving will be, thanks
to Multi-Glider, a comfortable and even relaxing experience. Just press
the button once to activate the vibration.

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