Taking Gadgets Wherever You Go

If you have ever bought yourself a new gadget
after longing it for some time, then you know
the excitement that you feel the first time you use it,
how satisfying it is to hold it in your hand.

You want to take your Apple Pencil and your iPad everywhere you go, but it isn't so simple.
The Apple Pencil, as wonderful a gadget as it is,
is easy to misplace if you aren't careful.
You need to put some thought into keeping track of it.

We have engineered
the In-Line Magnetic Apple Pencil Holder

to attach to any magnetic surface
and keep your Apple Pencil in place.
On your iPad, MacBook case or even on your desk,
the In-Line Apple Pencil Holder will not move or shift.
It will hold onto your device closely,
preventing any disappointing slips and falls.
You can even fold it over and use it as a flat surface.

In-Line Magnetic Apple Pencil Holder
is a key to carrying your Apple Pencil around.

Anywhere that we go,
we want our Apple Pencil to come along with us.
We don't want to leave it behind or stick it in our pocket.

Fortunately, we have you covered.
We have created this Apple Pencil Holder for you
to keep your Apple Pencil in place everywhere you go,
attaching magnetically to your iPad
so that you can carry it around effortlessly.

Carrying around your Apple Pencil
has never been this easy before!

The In-Line Magnetic Apple Pencil Holder
is compatible with any model of Apple Pencil. Furthermore, it attaches magnetically to the side of your
iPad Pro / iPad Air and automatically charges on the go
even with the In-Line Magnetic Apple Pencil Holder
if you are using Apple Pencil 2nd Generation.